Cash is always accepted at the time of purchase.


Checks can be delivered to the cafeteria before school or after lunch.


Prepay online with credit or debit cards.

Prepay for Meals Today!

Meal Refund Form

If you need to transfer funds from one student’s account to another account, or if you need to request a refund from a student account, please fill out and submit this form.

Elementary Breakfast


Elementary Lunch


Secondary Breakfast


Secondary Lunch


Adult Breakfast



Adult Lunch


We have three convenient ways to pay for meals: cash, check or online by credit/debit/check.  Prepaid meals are always encouraged. This helps speed up our service and ensure that your child always has money on account for a meal.

We don’t want to see any child go hungry!  If your child forgets their money this is what we will do:  We will feed your student.  You will receive either a phone call, email or written notice that your student has a balance and we will expect immediate payment. Please keep track of your student’s account on a regular basis so there are no surprises.  You may log-on to parent connect anytime to check your student’s cafe balance.  Please check with your school office if you are not currently on parent connect; they can assist with signing up.

What we have noticed is our student’s decide to eat in the cafeteria because they like what is being served!  We cannot determine whether your student has a lunch from home or not.  If your student comes in to eat, we feed them.  If you have any questions regarding your student’s account, please feel free to contact your school cafe; our school site personnel would be more than happy to assist you.  You may reach them by calling your school number and selecting extension 1555.

Something to keep in mind…..

…….breakfast for the school year for elementary students is approximately $315.00 and lunch is approximately $540.00.

…….breakfast for the school year for secondary students is approximately $360.00 and lunch is approximately $630.00.

This is truly a value.  We appreciate your participation in our breakfast and lunch program.


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